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What is marine carpeting?

Marine carpet is a special type of carpeting designed to cover surfaces prone to wetness, like docks or boats. Because the moisture in wet environments can often mean slippery, dangerous surfaces, marine carpet installation is often a wise investment. In addition to providing traction, it is made to withstand mold and mildew, which wet, humid environments can easily foster. Marine carpet also helps protect the fiberglass surface of many boats. Most marine carpets also have ultraviolet ray protection, which adds value by helping to prevent color fading from the sun. This is another option that many people looking to purchase marine carpets should consider.

Just like residential and business carpet, marine carpet comes in many patterns, colors, and varieties. Many manufacturers can custom make any pattern or color upon request, which makes choosing the perfect marine carpet a virtually effortless task. Another option that many people looking to purchase marine carpets should consider is whether or not they would prefer rubber backing. Marine carpet usually comes with a rubber backing allowing for increased air-flow, but you can also choose to order without the rubberized backing. The installation process would then require glue to secure the carpet to the boat. These are just a few ways that ordering marine carpet can be customized to meet an individual's needs and preferences.

Unlike cleaning your home carpet, marine carpet usually requires spot cleaning. Because marine environments are susceptible to mold and mildew, it is important that you avoid adding any unnecessary moisture to the carpet. There are special products you can to buy to help clean and maintain your marine carpet. However, some people recommend old-fashioned methods like using a mixture of vinegar and water to spot clean, and using a Shop-Vac to suck up the moisture. The method you choose usually depends on the nature of the stain, the amount of time you have, and the money you are willing to spend.