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Choosing the perfect tile for your home

Would you like to give your home a Southwest flair?  How about incorporating past eras into your décor?  Tile, for instance, is a great, versatile medium for the job!  Consider adding tile to not only your floors, but also your walls—tile provides an easily cleanable surface and has other positive characteristics making it superior to carpet in some rooms.

Tiling Your Walls:

There are many different shapes of tile that suggest different eras and motifs giving your house personality and flair.  With the multitude of choices, it is important to remember to use a waterproof and stain resistant tile on your kitchen and bathroom walls.  Ceramic, marble, granite, and porcelain tile are good choices for these areas.  Here are some ideas for wall tile:

  • Use subway tiles.  These were popular in New York subways and are a great way to bring twentieth century nostalgia to an area.
  • Use matching tiles for a uniform look, or mix different colors together and arrange them into interesting patterns.
  • Intersperse glass mosaics with one type of tile to add depth to a smaller room.

Tile Floor

Tiling Your Floor:

Tile flooring can be a great way to give your home a Southwestern ambiance and are superior choices to cheap carpet in the kitchen and bathroom.  Tiled floors serve a useful purpose over carpet because clean-up is a cinch!  Tiled floors can also be combined with affordable carpet to—for instance—add further texture and variation to a room and provide warm areas for feet during the winter months.

Tiling Outdoors:

Do you have a romantic patio garden area?  Tiling can turn a plain backyard patio area into the envy of any entertainer.  With tiling, it is easy to balance unique patterns with classy minimalism, which allows the designer to highlight different areas such as an outdoor fireplace or a built-in stone tile oven.

Tile Flooring

Whether you are looking to replace your carpet inside your home or looking to spice up your backyard, Bay Carpet , you local carpet store professionals, has the expert knowledge and experience to make your dream décor come true.  We specialize in carpet installation too—come see us today!