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Laminate Flooring: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Like the Rolex and Roger Federer, laminate flooring was invented in Sweden. Introduced in 1984, laminate flooring quickly became one of the most popular options for residential flooring in the world.

This synthetic, laminate flooring can be made to look like hardwood or stone, and offers several benefits.

  • Cost - Laminate flooring is super cheap compared to a new hardwood floor. 
  • Style - Laminate flooring offers the same sophisticated style of a hardwood floor.
  • Durability - Laminate flooring is highly durable, and is almost fifteen times stronger than normal wood.
  • Ease of Installation - Many laminate manufacturers offer glueless assembly, making the flooring easy to install, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional for flooring installation.

Laminate flooring is also UV resistant, meaning it is less susceptible to fading and sun damage. Additionally, advances in laminate technology have further reduced the installation time. Floors used to need to sit for 24 hours to allow for the glue to cure, but the available “glueless” assembly methods allow for the floor to be walked on almost immediately.

Because laminate flooring typically simulates the look of hardwood or stone floors, it is typically best in rooms where carpet might not be a great option, such as kitchens and common rooms.

Laminate is also versatile enough to work in rooms traditionally dominated by carpet, such as bedrooms. Consulting with a design specialist is a good way to determine which rooms in your home are best for laminates versus carpet installation.

Laminate flooring offers several benefits over traditional flooring options. For more information, please give Bay Carpet a call at (718) 366-5001.

Bay Carpet has been serving the carpet and laminate needs of the Five Boroughs for nearly 30 years, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about laminates and affordable carpet.