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When Do Carpets Need to be Replaced?

Is it age or usage?  How do you determine when carpets need to be replaced?  While both facets need to be taken into account, the experts at your local carpet store will agree: Usage is number one.

Forget original cost as a determinate to the life of a particular carpet; there are many hidden costs that arise throughout the life of the carpeting.  The starting price of the carpet and the carpet installation are only beginning factors in determining the durability of the carpet, and these factors are only guidelines as to what to expect out of your carpeting. 

How you feel about your carpet’s appearance is tantamount when you replace your carpeting: Are you happy with the way your carpet looks?  Has the carpet seen heavy traffic?  Do you want to change the color scheme of a room?  Installing new, affordable carpet is a good alternative to a complete remodeling, since even cheap carpet can drastically change the appearance and style of any room in your house.

Another reason to replace your carpet is for health concerns.  Is there an accumulation of allergens in the carpet?  Carpeting is one of the main places allergens collect in your home, so it is important to change it out often especially if you have pets or if you have allergy sufferers in the home.

When replacing the carpet, make sure to check for mold either visually or by scent.  It is extremely important that mold problems be taken care of before new carpeting is installed.  Call the skilled technicians at a carpet store to help you determine if your home has a mold problem.  They can also advise you on how to eradicate the mold before installing new affordable carpet.

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