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Have Your Cats Made a Mess of Your Carpet? Replace It Today at Bay Carpet!

Stains are among the most obvious signs of wear and tear experienced by residential carpets. If your pets have inflicted too much harm on your home, consult our experts for help with the replacement and maintenance of a new affordable carpet!

Handling Installation: If your pets have stained, scratched, and damaged your carpet beyond easy repair, Bay Carpet can help you replace your flooring. We are committed to cheap pricing and convenient next-day installation to meet all of your carpeting needs. Browse our website for coupons and discounts for installing new carpet in multiple rooms of your home.

Choosing Carpet: Choosing the proper material for your new carpet can help keep your pets from inflicting future damage. Keep in mind where your carpet will be installed in your home—if it will be placed in a high-traffic area, consider investing in a more durable carpet. Be sure to consider how much carpet you will need—Bay Carpet provides a variety of carpeting choices so you can afford to install higher-quality materials. 

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Carpet Maintenance: Pets, kids, and guests can all take a toll on your flooring. Carpets are often more difficult to clean after prolonged wear and tear, so after replacing your flooring with new carpeting, be sure to establish a cleaning regimen. Train your pets to stay off of the carpet in specific rooms, and ask your children to eat and drink elsewhere to reduce the chance of dark foods staining your carpeting.

At Bay Carpet, we work to help you find high-quality, affordable carpet solutions for your home. If you work during the week and require a weekend or evening appointment in order to browse our inventory of carpets, call us at (718) 366-5001!