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How to Prepare Your Home for New Carpet Installation

Carpet is a great addition to any home. Affordable carpet can improve the value of your house, create a more inviting space, and replace damaged floors. If you are considering carpet installation, then the process is actually quite simple.

You will need to visit the carpet store, choose a carpet style, and schedule a carpet installation appointment. Use the following tips to ensure your home is prepared for new carpet and you will have your carpet installed in no time!

  • Speak to the carpet installation company first. How much preparation you need will depend on the carpet installation company. Some homeowners allow companies to complete 100% of the work, while others try to reduce costs by completing prep work themselves. Ask the company to explain exactly what services they charge for and determine if you can perform the work without professionals.
  • Remove all items that touch the floor. Anything that touches the floor, like furniture, area rugs, and even long window curtains, should be removed. Also consider taking out breakable items on the walls, which might be bumped when the carpet is installed.
  • Structural preparation work. This prep work will depend on the carpet type and the carpet installation company. It’s possible that base boards will need to be removed or doors may be raised to prevent scraping against the floor if the carpet is extra thick.


Carpet Installer Cutting with Knife and Straight Edge

Bay Carpet is a leader in affordable, quality carpet. Our professional carpet installation combined with our shop-at-home service makes us an excellent choice for hassle-free carpet buying. In addition to carpet, we also offer laminate flooring and both residential and commercial carpet installations. Contact us today for all your carpet shopping needs.  Call us at (718) 366-5001!