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Best Uses for Rubber Tile

Rubber tile is an increasingly popular option in all sorts of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial. Once found only in certain factories and businesses, rubber flooring can now be seen in homes all over the country.

Usually cheaper than other types of tile, rubber offers comfort and strength, unlike cheap carpet. It has been used in gyms for decades because it can handle a lot of weight and still stay soft, unlike carpet. It’s also extremely easy to keep clean and naturally water-resistant. These qualities make rubber tiles ideal for a number of different uses including:

Basements and Garages

Rubber resists grease and is easy to clean, making it perfect for places where vehicles are stored. It also lasts a very long time so you won’t have to worry about messy reinstallations in hard-to-reach areas. Rubber is great for garages especially because of its sound- and slip-reducing properties and impact resistant properties.

Workshops and Recreation Rooms

Rubber is excellent for use in places with heavy machinery, like a workshop or home gym, because it’s easy to clean up and very durable. Unlike carpet, rubber is a natural insulator and thus also reduces static electricity, which is important if working with electronics. In addition, rubber manufactured without pores is resistant to bacteria.

High-Traffic Areas

There are many reasons why rubber is a better choice than carpet for high-traffic areas in a home or office; its anti-slip surface and soft, springy consistency make for a perfect walking surface. Rubber flooring behaves more or less like a cushion for the feet and legs. While it’s less affordable than carpet, it comes in every color imaginable and a plethora of different textures.

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