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Hardwood Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

While most people understand the concept of hardwood floors, laminate flooring is a little more mysterious. What is it, exactly, and how does it compare to wood or carpet floors? Laminate has many advantages and uses, which we’ll explore in this article.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is composed of layers of fiberboard with a realistic photograph of wood attached to the top layer. It is usually about as cheap as carpet but lasts longer. Laminate floors are fairly easy to install and are resistant to many hazards, including scratches, fading due to direct sunlight, and moderate amounts of liquid. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, layers of polyethylene film and thick padding are often installed beneath the laminate to reduce noise and prevent moisture from seeping through.

How Does Hardwood Compare With Laminate?

Like laminate, hardwood can also be found in a wide range of colors. Some prefer the look of real wood over the look of laminate, and it tends to cost more as result. While wood is more difficult to install than laminate, it is easier to repair. It also tends to last longer; when well-maintained, some wood floors can last upwards of 100 years.

Maintaining laminate is usually easier than wood or carpet. For one thing, you can mop laminate flooring without causing water damage, and it doesn’t stain as easily as wood. You also don’t have to worry about waxing or vacuuming all the time! Laminate, on the other hand, cannot be refinished like wood.

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