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3 Common Signs Your Household Carpeting is Ready to be Replaced

Your carpet has been a fixture in your home for many years. Lately however, it just doesn’t look as good as it used to, no matter how hard you try. If your carpet is starting to exhibit any of the following signs, it might be time to visit your carpet store for new carpeting.

  1. Stains that Won’t Go Away: A surefire sign that it’s time for new carpet are areas with stubborn stains that refuse to come out. Take a walk around your home with your eyes focused on the floor. If you see more than a few stains that you can’t get clean, you should consider shopping for some new, affordable carpet.
  2. Losing Its Shape: Has your carpet deflated in certain areas of your home? If you can visibly see where people tend to walk across the carpet, then your carpet has probably seen better days. When the entire carpet is no longer resting at the same height, you won’t get the same aesthetic that you used to love when looking at your home.
  3. Looks Worn and Dull: The time may come when you and your carpet are mutually tired. Your carpet might appear dull and old after years of the daily wear of home life, and you might be tired of constantly looking at the same carpet. When this day comes, do yourself a favor and peruse beautiful, new carpet options to replace your humdrum floor.  

Come to Bay Carpet to find new carpeting to adorn the floors of your house. We have a huge selection of cheap carpet that looks luxurious. Bay Carpet wants you to own a carpet you can love. Visit today to find the perfect carpet for you and to take advantage of our carpet installation.


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