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A Guide to Keeping Your New Carpet Looking Great

Your carpet has it rough. It’s walked across, treaded on by children or pets, and spilled on. Even with all of this wear, your carpet is expected to look clean.

Keep your carpet clean and ready for anything with these simple maintenance tips.

  • Vacuum Often and Vacuum Well: Even the most expensive and high quality carpet can’t stay clean without the help of a vacuum. It’s not enough to simply run the vacuum over the carpet once at the end of every month. If you want your carpet to be truly clean, then you need to vacuum every single day. If you can’t find the time for daily cleaning, try to clean once a week.
  • Leave Your Shoes at the Door: If you want your carpet to look the way it did on the day of installation, avoid walking across it while wearing shoes. Outside dirt and grime can quickly transform your carpet from new to run-down. Walking barefoot will help keep the carpet the way it looked when it was on display at the carpet store.
  • Never Leave a Stain Unattended: Stains are almost inevitable when it comes to carpet, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to live with a dirty carpet for the next few years. Make an effort to clean up stains immediately after they happen to prevent permanent markings on your floor and to keep your carpet looking great.


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