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What to Consider When Purchasing Commercial Flooring

Installing new flooring in an industrial warehouse or commercial building is similar to shopping for new home flooring. You’ll need to consider how much foot traffic the new flooring material will receive on a daily basis, what type of furniture or equipment will be placed on the new floor, and how much floor you need to upgrade.

This quick guide will help you prepare for the installation of your new commercial floor.

Which Type of Flooring Material: The first step in updating your flooring is to decide which type of new flooring you want. Before making this decision, consider how much traffic the new flooring will receive, what you plan to place on the new flooring, who your clientele will be, and how much upkeep and maintenance it will require. For example, if you are replacing the flooring in a major department store, then consider a flooring material that can withstand heavy traffic, spills, and shoe scratches. Carpet can be very welcoming and add color to your store, but be prepared to fight stains. If you own a car shop, then you’ll want a durable floor that can withstand grease stains, tire skids, and heavy-loads; your perfect choice may be concrete or strong tile.

Where the New Flooring Will Go: Consider how much space the new flooring material will cover. This will affect your budget and may narrow down your flooring options, so it’s important to consider this variable before you head to your carpet and flooring store. You’ll also want to make arrangements for moving furniture pieces or equipment when the new flooring is installed. 


How Much Material You’ll Need: Take accurate measurements to determine how much space you plan to cover with new flooring. If you’re prepared when you shop for new flooring, then your flooring installation provider will be able to process your order more efficiently and provide an accurate estimate.

At Bay Carpet, we specialize in flooring installation for both residential and commercial properties. We offer carpet, tile, linoleum, cork flooring, and a variety of hardwood selections. We also take weekend appointments and provide next-day installation services. To learn more about why you should choose us for your flooring, call (718) 366-5001.