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The Advantages of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring

When you consider your many options for flooring, including carpet, laminate, and tile, you might not think of cork as a choice for your floor covering. However, cork is a popular material used for floor covering that can give your home a modern, distinctive look that will last for decades. Below is a closer look at the unique benefits of cork flooring that might have you considering it as an option for your house.


Noise Reduction
Cork is a soft, absorbent material that makes it an excellent buffer for sound. While hard floors such as tile, laminate, and wood allow sound to travel and echo freely, cork keeps noise to a minimum and allows for quieter foot traffic, which is particularly beneficial in two-story homes.


Along with noise-dampening benefits, the soft texture of cork provides a comfortable walking and standing surface that is perfect for areas like the kitchen and hallways. It is also naturally insulating, so it keeps the warmth in your home during the colder months of winter when walking on tile floors can be torture for your feet.


Cork is actually the bark of the Mediterranean cork oak tree, so it has natural resistance to insects, mold, and damage from physical impact. These natural qualities of cork make it a remarkably low-maintenance floor covering that is well suited for all types of homes.


As the trend to “go green” with home décor and design continues to grow, materials such as cork have become more popular for their minimal impact on the environment. Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, while the tree base is left intact so that it can quickly regenerate more bark for future use.


Compare cork to all your flooring options and find the best prices on all the biggest brand names of carpet and laminate at Bay Carpet. Check out our website or call us at (718) 366-5001 for more details about how we can make your home flooring project quick and cost-effective.