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How To Avoid Scratches, Scuff, And Wear On Your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are a great alternative to carpet. Carpet is beautiful and comfortable, but hardwood floors require less maintenance, don’t hold allergens, and are more durable. Despite hardwood floorings’ natural toughness, scratches and wear are inevitable. Here are some tips for preventing scratches, scuff, and wear on your hardwood floors.

Prevent Tracking In Dirt: Dirt is the main culprit for wear on both carpets and hardwood floors. Sand particles have angular edges no matter their size, so these particles are an extremely abrasive material. Putting mats in front of your doors both inside and outside, not wearing shoes in the house, and keeping outside entryways clean are all easy ways to prevent wear on the surface of your hardwood floors.

Protect Floors From Furniture: Wood is prone to scratches and scrapes from heavy furniture, particularly floors made from soft woods like cherry or pine. The best prevention technique is to put protective pads on the bottom of couches, cabinets, bookcases, entertainment centers, or any furnishing that sits directly on the floor. These pads can be found at most department stores and come in a variety of materials, including felt and rubber. If you rearrange your furniture often, then consider glider pads. These prevent scratching and make the furniture easy to move. 


Brand new iroko floor


Take Special Care With Well-Used Areas: In high traffic areas like the living room, entryway, or kitchen, consider rugs with rubber backing. The rubber keeps the rugs in place and protects against abrasiveness from heavy foot traffic on the hardwood flooring.

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