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3 Different Types of Tile to Consider for Your Home

Home improvement, renovation - handyman laying tile

There are many different flooring options to consider for your home, including carpet, linoleum, and tile. Even when you decide on a flooring option, such as tile, you’ll still need to narrow down your choices. Here are a few different tile options to consider:

Natural Stone
Granite, travertine, and slate are all known as natural stone tiles, as the materials occur organically in nature. Since they are natural materials, their design is often very appealing. However, this also means they are generally more expensive than other tile types, and often, they require special cleaners to maintain. Your local carpet store can provide more information as well as products and installation options to protect the tiles.

The most popular type of tile for floors and walls, ceramic is affordable and beautiful. These tiles are fairly durable when used indoors, although they are not colorfast like porcelain tiles. If a ceramic tile chips, the inside of the tile will not be the same color as the surface. Ceramic tiles are available in glazed and unglazed versions, depending on your preference. Ask a representative at your local carpet store for their recommendation.

Porcelain tiles are extremely strong and fired at much higher temperatures than their ceramic counterparts. Porcelain is a dense material, resistant to moisture and chipping. Porcelain tiles are a great option for those with high-traffic environments, especially in humid climates. Porcelain also holds its color extremely well and won’t fade over time. While porcelain is very durable, it may prove uncomfortable for those with back problems, since it is so hard to walk on. Carpet or padded tiling may be a better option for those with back pain.

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