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Cork and Bamboo Flooring: The Renewable Approach to Comfortable and Stylish Floors

Cork Flooring Swatches

In order to find the right flooring for your home, you need to consider your décor priorities. Do you value durability in your flooring? Are you concerned with your flooring’s environmental impact? You won’t sacrifice style or comfort when you select cork or bamboo flooring:

  • Cork Flooring
    While cork and bamboo flooring offer many of the same environmentally friendly benefits, they originate from very different sources. Cork flooring derives its name from the cork oak tree. This tree possesses cork in its bark from which the flooring material is derived. Thus, the tree can continue to live even after the bark has been harvested for the flooring.
    Cork is also a durable flooring solution for your home. For example, cork flooring will bounce back to its original shape, even after being squeezed or placed under pressure. Cork also possesses a unique quality that allows it to retain heat and act as a fire inhibitor. The properties of cork flooring allow it to resist flame, protecting your home from fire damage. Better insulation in your home’s flooring helps to reduce your energy bill, lowering your heating budget and protecting the environment.
  • Bamboo Flooring
    Conversely, bamboo flooring is derived from bamboo stalk. This flooring material is known for its green properties, largely because bamboo grows so much faster than wood and can thus be harvested much more easily. Bamboo is also an aesthetically pleasing flooring option, as it offers an appearance similar to hardwood floors. It is resistant to insects and moisture, thus providing a durable solution for your home.

Incorporate cork and bamboo flooring into your home by calling Bay Carpet at (718) 366-5001 today. If you’d prefer carpeting in certain areas of your home, visit us online or in person to learn about our professional and affordable carpet installation options.