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Features to Look for When Choosing New Carpet

Buying new carpet does not have to be a stressful occasion. If you know what you want when you head to the carpet store, you can be in and out in no time at all. Look for the following features to ...
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Angie's List 2013 Super Service Award

Angie's List has awarded Bay Carpet the 2013 Super Service Award! The Super Service Award is the highest honor given annually to the top 5% of qualifying businesses on Angie's List.
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What's the Best Flooring for Kids' Rooms?

Even though they are small, children have a tendency to be really rough on floors and furniture, especially in their bedroom. When looking for a floor that can stand up to your kids, you want to find ...
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Removing Wine Stains from Your New Carpet

A little spilled Shiraz doesn’t have to ruin the aesthetic appeal of your new carpet. If you spilled some wine onto your floor, you can clean it up and return the rug’s original appearance ...
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A Look at the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners

When you add hardwood floors to your home, you give new depth and texture to your interior design. Keeping the floors clean is the best way to maintain their classic look of elegance. Although there ...
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Why Choose Pergo Flooring?

Laminate floors offer a wide range of aesthetic options that bring style and durability to a home. Pergo is one of the world’s leading laminate manufacturers because they create floors that ...
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An Inside Look at Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is one of the most popular styles because it is beautiful, durable, and affordable. If you are looking for a new carpet with which to optimize your interior design, Berber is a great ...
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How Is Hardwood Flooring Made?

Hardwood floors begin as pieces of lumber that are thickly cut and delivered to a factory. Workers and machines measure the wood and prepare it for processing and then dry it in a kiln for 10-35 days, ...
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The Advantages of Wool Carpet

The right carpet will instantly add style and function to your home. Certain styles work better for particular needs so it is important to do your research before you decide on one. Keep reading to ...
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The Best Flooring Choices for Pet Owners

Owning pets changes the dynamic of your home. In most ways, this is a positive change, but in certain aspects, like keeping your space clean, it can become a problem. Use this guide to choose the best ...
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Frequently Used Carpet Terms

Take control of your next carpet-buying experience by brushing up on industry terms that help you find what you want from your flooring. Understanding carpet speak is the first step toward finding the ...
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Keeping Your Carpet Clean When You Have Pets

You can still maintain the look and feel of your carpet even when you have pets. With the right attention, you can take care of any pet hair, dander, or urine that finds its way onto your beautiful ...
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How to Clean Pet Stains from Your Carpet

If you own pets in a home with carpet, you will probably have at least one stain that requires extra cleaning attention. Use a carpet cleaner on the affected area and wipe it up with a damp, white ...
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The Advantages of Carpet Tile

Are you considering installing carpet in your home or business? If so, then be sure to talk to the flooring experts at your local carpet store about the benefits of installing carpet tile instead of a ...
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Why Should You Use Rubber Tiles in the Playroom?

Whether you're a first-time parent or the proud mom or dad of several young children, you know just how important it is to consider safety and durability when purchasing interior décor and ...
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Design Ideas for Carpet Tiles

One simple way to personalize the look of your new carpet tiles is to arrange them in a creative fashion. As you will see in this video, there are three distinct arrangements for you to draw your ...
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Your Commercial Flooring Options

One simple way to enhance the look of your commercial property and attract business is to install attractive flooring. From natural hardwood to VCT floor tile and even natural stone, there are several ...
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3 Different Types of Tile to Consider for Your Home

There are many different flooring options to consider for your home, including carpet, linoleum, and tile. Even when you decide on a flooring option, such as tile, you’ll still need to narrow ...
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The Benefits of Nylon Carpets

Fibers impact the final aesthetic effect and performance of a carpet. About 65% of the carpets sold in American flooring stores use nylon, because it is versatile and durable enough to enhance a ...
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3 Reasons to Choose Bay Carpet for Your Residential Carpet Needs

When choosing new floors for your home, you should work with a company that you can trust. For 30 years, Bay Carpet has offered durable and reliable carpet that makes a house feel more like a home. ...
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Differences Between Nylon and Polyester Carpeting

Are you looking for new carpet for your home ? When shopping for carpet, fiber is important, but it is not the only factor to consider. You should also look at height, twist, backing, and ...
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Which Type of Window Treatment Is Right for Your Home?

While window treatments are a functional element in a space, they can also be used to enhance an interior design. Every room has different needs that can be met with various window treatments. The ...
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A Look at the Brands Offered by Bay Carpet

Any good carpet store gives its customers access to some of the top brands. At Bay Carpet, we take it a step further and only carry the best brands around today. Keep reading to learn about some of ...
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Exploring the Basic Components of Carpet

The trick to buying carpet that lasts is to find a style that meets your unique needs. Before you go to the carpet store, you should have a basic idea of various fibers, piles, and performance ...
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Tips for Choosing Carpet

With so many carpet styles, colors, and patterns available, settling on just one can seem overwhelming. When buying carpet, it is always a good idea to err on the side of neutrals. This gives you room ...
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