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Carpets and Health: How Carpets Can Help Keep Air Clean in Homes and Buildings

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If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you are probably willing to do almost anything to alleviate your irritating—and sometimes dangerous—symptoms. Fortunately, maintaining superior air quality in your home and business may be easier than you think. Read on to find out why independent experts and experienced physicians agree that carpet does the best job of helping allergy sufferers breathe easy in residential and commercial spaces.

Carpet Traps Allergens
Allergens are tiny, invisible particles that can creep into your home or business in spite of your best cleaning efforts. Unfortunately, millions of Americans suffer from allergies to pollen, dander, and mold, and having these tiny organisms present indoors can be extremely harmful to your health. If they continue to circulate in the air, you will most likely suffer from symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, and sore throat. Fortunately, carpet actually traps these nasty particles.

Carpet Retains Dust
Once allergens and dust find their way in, gravity naturally pulls them to the floor, where they become absorbed by your carpet’s fibers. While this may at first seem counterintuitive, carpet actively prevents allergens from continuing to circulate. Synthetic carpets today are manufactured from scientifically developed fibers that are designed to repel allergens. Because they are inorganic, they provide a hostile environment to living mold and pollen. If you have allergies, your best bet is to invest in a nylon blend carpet that is tightly woven of short strands.

Carpet Cleans Easily
Of course, no one wants dangerous particles to remain in their residential or commercial carpet. By vacuuming regularly with a deep-cleaning vacuum, you can effectively eliminate these organisms for good. You may also want to ask your carpet store to recommend a shampoo or steam cleaner to help you keep your new carpet as clean as possible.

If you are considering installing carpet before your springtime allergies set in, call New York City’s Bay Carpet at (718) 366-5001. Our experienced carpet installers have been providing affordable carpet, tile, and linoleum to residents and businesses in Queens, Brooklyn, and Glendale for three decades.