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Insulation and Soundproofing: Two More Benefits Offered by Carpeting

Family lying on a carpet

Are you struggling to decide whether to invest in hardwood floors or luxurious carpet for your living space? If you want your space to absorb sound and provide superior insulation, your best bet is to call a reliable and affordable carpet installer. Here is how carpet is distinguished from other flooring options by its insulation and soundproofing qualities.

Do you want to reduce your home heating and air conditioning costs? Close-knit, thickly woven fibers make carpet an effective insulator against cold and drafty weather. In the construction industry, a measurement known as the R-value determines a material’s ability to resist heat traveling through it. A higher R-value indicates that a particular insulation material can resist heat more effectively. Depending on the region you inhabit, there are different recommended R-values. To reduce your energy bill and keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer months, ask your carpet store to recommend a carpet material and thickness.

Another frequently cited benefit of carpet is its capacity to effectively absorb sound. When the correct materials and thickness are selected and carpet is properly installed, carpet can actually absorb noise as efficiently as highly specialized acoustical materials. Whether you live in a home with young children or in an apartment complex with noisy neighbors, you probably know how much quieter your living space is when carpet is installed. In many properties with wood floors, the sound of someone simply walking upstairs can be irritating and distracting. Carpet both effectively absorbs sound and stops sound from transmitting between walls and floors.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of carpet? For affordable carpet installation in Queens, Brooklyn, Glendale, or New York City, call the professional and conscientious team at Bay Carpet at (718) 366-5001. Our carpet store is proud to offer a wide range of cheap and high-quality options to suit your lifestyle needs.