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Exploring the Basic Components of Carpet


The trick to buying carpet that lasts is to find a style that meets your unique needs. Before you go to the carpet store, you should have a basic idea of various fibers, piles, and performance criteria and how they factor into your lifestyle. Keep reading for an introduction to carpets that will help you find the kind of carpet that is right for you.

Perhaps the most important component of residential carpets, fiber affects the characteristics and the price of the final product. Wool is a natural fiber that is elegant to the eye and soft to the touch. It provides resistance to abrasion, crushing, stains, and moth attacks. Nylon has many of the same characteristics of wool but is a synthetic material. Polyester creates affordable carpets, but does better in low traffic areas. Olefin can be used for interior or exterior decors.

Type of Pile 
Even carpets made from the same fiber could feel and perform differently. Carpets with cut pile provide a variety of densities that make them versatile enough for practically any living space. Loop pile is extremely durable, which makes it a smart choice for most homes. Cut and loop pile offers a wider range of aesthetic appeal and design options.

Performance Criteria 
When purchasing a new carpet, it is also important to think about how various styles perform. Talk to the sales staff about factors such as flammability, indoor air quality, appearance retention, colorfastness, and dimensional stability. You should also ask about maintenance requirements for various styles.

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