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Simplifying the Process of Buying Window Treatments


Window treatments are a key part of your interior décor. Without them, your windows will look naked. If you’re like many homeowners, however, you probably have a difficult time selecting the right window treatments for your home. At the end of the day, you should get the window treatments you like the most. Here are a few tips to help simplify the process.

Determine the Window Treatment’s Purpose

First, it’s important to determine what purpose you want your window treatments to fulfill. Would you like them to completely block out light, provide privacy, add to the style of your interior, or all of the above? If you’re looking to block out all light, aluminum horizontal blinds may be the option you’re looking for. If you’re mostly concerned with privacy, but would still like light to filter through, consider blinds made of thin cloth.

Evaluate the Décor Throughout Your Home

To make your interior décor as elegant as possible, you’ll need to be consistent with your style choices. If you’ve cultivated a fairly casual aesthetic, traditional horizontal blinds will make an excellent choice. If you’re going for a more formal look, consider custom shutters. If you maintain the same style throughout your home, you will only have to choose one type of window treatment. Talk about simplicity!

Consider Energy Efficient Options

Window treatments can also help reduce your energy costs. The right window treatments can keep in indoor warmth during the winter and keep out outdoor heat during the summer. If you’re the kind of homeowner that is environmentally conscious, consider looking at UV-resistant blinds. When in doubt, ask a window treatment expert whether or not a particular window treatment is conducive to energy efficiency.

If you’re in the market for window treatments, consider consulting the team at Bay Carpet. In addition to window treatments, we offer carpets for NYC homes and businesses. Call our NYC carpet store at (718) 366-5001 or visit our website to learn all about our excellent selection of window treatments and carpets.