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Why You Won't Want to Overlook Cork as a Flooring Option

Colorful Cork Tiles Texture

When you are shopping for new flooring for your home, you will have a variety of products to choose from. While carpet may be suited for certain rooms of your house, other areas may benefit from a durable flooring surface, such as cork. With its natural beauty and fantastic comfort, cork is a fantastic option for your home flooring needs. To highlight the benefits of purchasing cork from your local flooring and carpet store, here is a look at some of the reasons why you should not overlook this innovative flooring material.


Cork floors will provide you with a springy and flexible surface that you will love to have under your feet. When you walk on cork floors, you will enjoy their shock absorbent qualities. With cork floors, you will be able to remain comfortable when you stand for long periods of time in areas such as the kitchen.


Cork floors are also an eco-smart choice for your home. When cork is harvested, only the bark is removed from the trees. Since cork trees are not damaged during the harvesting process, they are a renewable resource that can be utilized again and again. If you are seeking a sustainable flooring option, cork may be the right choice for you.


Along with providing you with comfort and sustainability, cork floors will also enhance the beauty of your home. Cork is available in a variety of colors and styles that can be matched perfectly to your furniture and walls.  With cork floors, you will provide your home with a uniquely attractive appearance.

At Bay Carpet, we offer a variety of flooring options for your home. From our affordable carpeting to our beautiful cork floors, we can help you select the best new floors for your needs. To learn more about the terrific flooring products that await you at our showroom in the NYC area, call us at (718) 521-4308.