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Answers to Your Questions About Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring near NYCIf you’re looking for an affordable, environmentally friendly flooring option, look no further than bamboo floors from your NYC wood floor installation contractor. In many ways, bamboo could be a better option for your home’s floors than hardwood, and it’s become widely available. Bamboo is more durable and valuable than more common hardwood options, and it comes from sustainable sources. Read on to find out if bamboo floors are right for you.

What are the benefits of bamboo flooring?

Because bamboo is a grass, it’s a quickly renewable resource that replenishes every few years. This makes it much more sustainable than hardwoods, which can take decades to regrow. Environmentally friendly bamboo floors are made with safe resins and have very low formaldehyde emissions. Bamboo is just as hard as maple and 50% sturdier than oak, and it is often a less expensive flooring option. Bamboo floors are easy to clean and long lasting, as well as non-allergenic.

What should I know before installing bamboo floors?

Bamboo is a natural material and not water resistant, therefore it is not recommended that bamboo floors be installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or outdoor areas. Extensive exposure to moisture may cause your bamboo floor to swell or warp. Otherwise, bamboo flooring is quite versatile and will make a good fit in any multipurpose room in your house.

How do I keep my bamboo floor in good shape?

Though bamboo floors are durable and meant to withstand wear, mindful maintenance of your floors will ensure they last for years to come. Remember to limit your water use while cleaning your bamboo floor. Dry mops, such as a Swiffer, and nonabrasive cleaning tools are preferred. To protect your floor from wear and tear, place colorfast, non-scratch rugs or mats in high traffic areas around your home or where water may spill. Clean wet spills up as soon as possible. Additionally, try to avoid walking on your bamboo floors with high-heeled shoes.

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