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Caring for Berber Carpet

Attractive, versatile, and durable, Berber carpet is a type of looped carpet which is popular for both home and business use. Berber is stain resistant and low maintenance, making it one of the most “user friendly” carpets on the market. Watch this video to find out exactly how best to clean your Berber carpet, using only common household items.

The video shows how to deal with spillages on your Berber carpet. It explains how to spray the affected area with a mixture of dish detergent and water. It goes on to discuss how to use a shop-vac cleaner to remove the stain, and explains how to use an ordinary household fan to dry the carpet afterwards.

To find out more about the range of Berber carpets we offer at Bay Carpet, call us at (718) 366-5001. Let us help you discover the advantages of Berber carpet in your home or commercial property.

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