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Questions to Ask Before You Install Hardwood Flooring

Once you make the decision to do a wood floor installation in your home, you will need to choose the type of wood that you want to put into it. There are many different types of wood flooring in NYC, so you should pick the kind that works best for your specific home. Ask these questions to both yourself and the company that will be doing your hardwood flooring installation before you get started.

What is the best hardwood flooring option for your home’s style?

You might look at a certain type of wood and absolutely love the sample of it, but it could clash with other wooden surfaces in your home and look different once it’s covering your home’s entire first floor. Carefully consider which style of wood will look best in your home. If you are going for a modern look, try a natural maple wood. Or if you’re looking for a traditional look, hickory might be better. It’s all about matching your new wood floor installation with your home’s style.

Which hardwood flooring will fit your lifestyle?

Outside of thinking about the style of your home, you should also think about your lifestyle and how it will affect your floors. If you have several kids who are always running around or you have a portion of your home that is a high-traffic area, you will want to install harder wood flooring that can handle it all.

How much maintenance will certain hardwood floors require?

You should obviously be concerned about hardwood flooring cost and inquire about which types of hardwood will fit into your budget. However, you should be just as concerned with how much maintenance you will need to do to your floors over the years. Choose a wood that you are prepared to maintain for as long as you have it.

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