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Maintenance Tips for Your Hardwood Floors

wooden floor

Hardwood floors are inarguably beautiful and they add so much value to your home. Whether your entire home is made up of hardwood floors or you just have a couple of accent rooms with the rest being carpet, it’s important to maintain wood floors to get the most out of them. Maintenance isn’t as difficult or time consuming as you might have heard, but you do want to make sure you’re following the right tips:

Protect Your Floors

The best maintenance is to prevent damage in the first place. Keep mats at every entrance to catch the worst of dirt and debris that comes in on feet. Make sure to keep your floors dry by cleaning up spills immediately and allocating a special place for footwear on rainy or snowy days. Sweep your floors regularly with a special duster broom or mop to prevent small dirt particles from scratching the finish.

Clean Your Floors Properly

You wouldn’t use a pressure washer to clean your carpet, would you? Use the right tools to clean your hardwood floors and they’ll last for decades. You can clean floors with a floor brush vacuum attachment, and use a damp mop to handle deeper cleanings. Many specialty cleaning agents exist for hardwood floors, so be sure you do your research to find out which ones are safe for your specific floor. Ask the manufacturer what they recommend if in doubt.

Keep Your Floors Looking New

Even with the best care, your floors will probably take on a few marks or stains over time. It’s important to know both what type of mark you’re dealing with and what type of finish your wood floor has. You’ll use different techniques depending on these variables. What works well on a hard sealed surface could destroy a floor with a soft oil finish.

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