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What Are the Benefits of Wooden Blinds?

Dark wooden shutterblind close-up

All windows deserve to be dressed up, but some window treatments might be better in one room than another. From curtains to Roman shades, you have a lot of options, but one that you might not have considered is wooden blinds. You spend so much time making sure you have the perfect carpet, paint, and furniture, that it only makes sense to have the perfect blinds, too. Here’s what wooden blinds can bring to your home:

Increased Privacy

Even though wooden blinds tend to weigh less than synthetic blinds, they provide extremely good coverage for your windows. When drawn, their density completely blocks out light, so no one who is outside looking in can even make out shadows. For you on the inside, it’s great when you want to keep a room darkened during the day—no need to buy expensive blackout drapes on top of your blinds!

Easier Cleaning

Standard blinds can be a pain to clean. Even if you keep up with regular dusting, they’ll inevitably need to be taken down and soaked at some point. Wooden blinds are super easy to clean, requiring only regular wipe downs and the occasional swipe with a damp cloth. They’ll stay beautiful and vibrant rather than becoming dingy or discolored.

Versatile Beauty

Since wooden blinds can be stained or painted, they can be made to match absolutely any interior décor. Do you want your window treatments to perfectly match your fresh carpet installation? They can! Do you want a warm, soft, natural look around your windows? Nothing accomplishes that better than wooden blinds. Plus, if you get tired of the way they look, you can always strip them down to re-stain or re-paint them!

Did you know that Bay Carpet offers a number of window treatments in addition to our quality, affordable carpet and flooring selections? Come see us today if you’re interested in learning more about wooden blinds, or if you are thinking about a fresh carpet installation. You can also visit us online or give us a call at (718) 521-4308 for more information.