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Surprising Facts About Hardwood Floors and the Environment

Hardwood floors NYCOn top of being aesthetically appealing and easy to maintain, wood floor installations in New York City come with a wide array of additional advantages. Wood flooring offers a sustainable flooring option that can last for many years and even improve the air quality inside your home. Read on for a few surprising facts about hardwood floors and the environment.

Long Working Life

An environmentally efficient product is one that will last a long time without needing to be replaced. The longer your floor lasts, the fewer times it will be replaced, which means that fewer resources are used. While other types of flooring may require repair or replacement every few years, hardwood floors can last for over a century. This means that the wooden floor that you have installed in your home may hold up when your kids are ready to start a family in the same home.

Efficiently Renewable Resources

Hardwood floors last for a greater duration of time than it takes for new trees to mature; this means that after accounting for the trees that are removed to make the floors, there is a net growth of hardwoods. It may take hardwood trees about half of a century to mature, but the floors that they are made into last so long that new trees will not be needed for many more years. Your hardwood floor is even useful at the end of its working life as it can be recycled or burned for fuel.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Trees are responsible for producing oxygen as they grow, and this positive quality is retained throughout their lives as hardwood floors. Hardwood floors will also continue to store carbon throughout their working life. And because wood flooring doesn’t trap dirt, dust, dander, or other allergens and pollutants, you’ll notice better air quality as soon as the installation is complete.

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