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Different Uses for Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl Floor Tiles near New YorkWhile you might have only considered vinyl floor tiles as useful when it comes to making over the floors in your home, there are countless unique applications for this versatile material. If you have tiles leftover after your flooring contractor installs your new vinyl floors, then consider some of the following creative ideas for using them up. Here are our suggestions for out-of-the-box uses for vinyl floor tiles.

Get Crafty with Friends

Do you have children at home? If so, then you know just how much fun there is to be had doing crafts together as a family. Beautiful vinyl floor tiles make excellent roofing materials for a dollhouse or a birdhouse you construct with your little ones. If you prefer doing craft projects with friends or don’t have kids in the home, then why not use the tiles to cover boring vases you find at a thrift store or to create one-of-a-kind votive holders?

Spice Up Your Home’s Garden

Leftover vinyl flooring tiles are also a great material to use to add some color and texture to your home’s garden. Whether you have a simple potted herb garden indoors or an extravagant one outside in the backyard, you can place tiles in areas around the garden, like on pots, planted wheelbarrows, and on garden stakes. One fun idea is to paint or write the name of plants on a tile, before attaching it to a chic metal rod, and using it as a garden stake.

Create a Beautiful Backsplash

Another great application for vinyl floor tiles you may have leftover after a flooring installation project is to use them to create a backsplash in a bathroom or laundry room. To keep these rooms from looking too muddled or even overwhelming, make sure that the backsplash that you choose to install does not match perfectly with whatever tile or laminate flooring installation option you select.

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