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Choosing Between Vinyl and Hardwood Flooring

Many people who are looking for new flooring for their home have a hard time choosing between vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring. If you’re worried about hardwood flooring cost, vinyl flooring is a less expensive flooring option. If you want to maintain an elegant, classic aesthetic in your home, hardwood floors are perfect for you. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of each type of flooring installation.

Hardwood FlooringSimilarities Between Vinyl Flooring and Wood Flooring
Vinyl flooring is available in various finishes and colors that imitate the look of natural hardwood flooring. This means that in some circumstances, it’s almost impossible to tell vinyl and wood flooring apart. Both types of home flooring are durable and beautiful. Both wood flooring and vinyl flooring can be easily installed with the help of a professional flooring contractor.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring
The beauty of natural hardwood flooring is almost impossible to emulate, though some types of vinyl flooring come close. Wood flooring can also increase the resale value of your home, as it is an upgrade that is universally loved by homebuyers. Hardwood flooring can also be repaired as it ages; if it becomes damaged, it can be sanded down and refinished, rather than forcing you to replace your entire floor.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl flooring is one of the least expensive types of home flooring that you can buy. The increased hardwood flooring cost often causes people to turn to vinyl flooring instead. Vinyl flooring is available in a huge variety of styles, colors, patterns, and finishes. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. One of the biggest benefits of vinyl flooring is that it’s waterproof, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a flooring contractor in NYC or the surrounding areas, come see us at Bay Carpet and Flooring. We offer high-quality wood flooring and vinyl flooring, and professional flooring installation, at affordable prices. For more information on our flooring options, you can visit our website, or call us today at (718) 366-5001.

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