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Signs That Your Home Is Ready for a New Carpet Installation

New carpet installations should be done every 10 years or so in the average household. Even with keeping your carpet in great condition, it will still show signs of wear and age. Here are a few signs to look out for if you’re thinking about getting new carpet.

Stains and Discolorations

A stain here and there is understandable, but when your carpet has frequent, large, or unsightly stains that are easy to notice, it is time to look for new carpet. Unfortunately, those stains are never going to go away; they’ve made it down to the padding underneath the carpet, and they won’t respond to even the most rigorous cleaning.

Worn Down and Tearing

When you notice tears and holes in your carpet, or it is coming up at the seams, there isn’t much to do except get a new carpet. Once carpet fibers tear up, they will continue to tear and unravel. You may be able to repair these small tears, but the bigger they get, the harder the repairs will be until you must replace the carpet.

Frequent Allergies

Carpet collects dust and allergen particles, but old carpet will have an excessive amount. Even if you vacuum regularly, these allergens will continue to pester allergy-sufferers. If you’ve noticed you or your family are suffering with worse and consistent allergies than you are used to, look into installing new carpet with modern hypoallergenic fibers.

Outdated Appearance

Home decorating trends come and go, so older carpet is likely to have an outdated appeal that ages the interior of your home. Even taking impeccable care of your original carpeting, you might still consider replacement to add a contemporary aesthetic to your household.

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