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Coordinating Your Carpet Color with Your Décor

New carpet installation is an excellent way to invest in your home and give your interior a fresh look, but picking the best color can be tricky. Use these tips if you’re unsure how to go about matching your carpeting to the rest of your décor:

Establish how long you will need the carpet.

As you begin the color selection process, consider your plans for the next few years. If you are going to redecorate in a year or so, then nothing should stop you from trying a bold or unique carpet color. If it turns out that you dislike it, you’ll have only a short period to wait until your next carpet installation. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about selling your home in the near-future, then the smart move would be to choose a balanced, neutral palette that coordinates well with most décor.

Determine which furnishings you plan to keep.

After establishing how long you plan to use the carpet, you can factor in the colors of the room décor. First, confirm whether or not you plan to keep all of the furnishings that are currently in the space. Often, people begin redecorating without a finished plan in mind, and you don’t want to choose a carpet color that matches a sofa or curtain set that you end up removing. Then, consider colors that complement accent pieces in the room or your furniture set.

Examine colors under various lighting.

When narrowing down your color choices, keep in mind that several factors can influence how you see color. For example, if you were to take a sample of your current carpeting outside or to a showroom, you’d find that it can look drastically different from what you’re accustomed to seeing inside your house. For this reason, it’s essential that you bring samples home to see how they look under your interior lighting.

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