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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

When it comes to selling your home, everything from your window treatments to new flooring installation can affect how quickly you sell your home and how likely you are to get your asking price. Use the following tips to help get your home ready for sale:


One of the best things that you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers is to make it appear livable but not lived-in. To do this, start by disassociating yourself from your home; once you begin preparing to put it on the market, it will help the process to view the building as a house that’s for sale, rather than the place where your family lives. Also, depersonalize the appearance of your home by packing up family heirlooms and photographs. Home buyers are often dissuaded when they see evidence of a family still living in the building.


Next, make your home look cleaner and feel bigger by decluttering. If it’s not something that you plan to take with you and if it doesn’t improve the look of your home, then donate or sell the item. Additionally, clean out your bookshelves, pack up all of your knickknacks, clear off your countertops, and keep the belongings that you still need to get by each day in an out-of-sight box, rather than out in the open.


Finally, decide which home improvements you should address, and which you should ignore. For example, a few small stains on your rugs can make new carpet installation impractical. However, if your carpeting appears old, worn, and patchy, replacing it can potentially make a big impact on the appearance of your interior. Also consider making small improvements, such as replacing your kitchen hardware or upgrading the window treatments in one of the rooms.

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