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Answering Your Questions About Carpet Installation

Carpet installation can be a tricky process, which leads to several questions you might have. Knowing if carpet installers receive training or if a carpet pad is necessary are crucial answers that can help you have a quality installation process. Continue reading to learn more about carpet installation.

Should carpet installers be trained?

For any type of home improvement or installation, you should trust the work to trained professionals. Carpet installation is no different, and you could be looking at an improper or unattractive installation by doing it yourself or with someone under-qualified. Installing carpet requires several years of training and experience to ensure the job is done correctly and neatly.

Will the carpet need to be fitted to each room?

Most likely, your carpeting is not going to unroll and fit perfectly the first time. This is another reason to hire a professional carpet installer. They know the correct ways to cut and attach different patches of carpeting so your flooring looks flawless. The process of cutting and attaching various sizes of carpeting is known as seaming, which is usually planned ahead of time with a seaming diagram.

What should be done about previous flooring?

Deciding what to do about your previous flooring is up to you. Depending on what the flooring is, you may have a few different choices. Old carpeting should be removed and disposed of; speak with your carpet installers about the best ways to safely dispose of old carpet. If you have tile, hardwood, or laminate previously installed, then you could place the carpet over it or have it removed and disposed.

Which padding should be used?

If you want cushy carpeting that provides a high level of comfort and softness, then you will prefer a large carpet pad that will make your carpet feel extra cushioned. Thin pads will make your carpeting feel uncomfortable, and it could damage your carpet throughout its lifetime.

Looking for a new flooring installation? Call Bay Carpet at (718) 366-5001 for your next carpet installation in NYC, where all your questions will be answered.


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