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The Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Are you deciding whether to proceed with laminate flooring installation or wood floor installation? Though both are great choices, you should highly consider going with hardwood. There are not many flooring options on the market today that can beat the warmth, elegance, and beauty of wood flooring in homes. Hardwood floors are highly durable, great for people who have allergies, and are actually environmentally friendly. Here are some environmental benefits of hardwood flooring that you may or may not be aware of.

Wood Floors Require Less Energy During Production

Unlike other kinds of flooring, like laminate, hardwood floors require a relatively minimal amount of resources and energy in their manufacturing. By purchasing hardwood flooring, you’re contributing to energy conservation practices, which is an environmental benefit!

Hardwood Used in Flooring is Carbon Neutral

Hardwood used in flooring is carbon neutral. It has a net zero carbon footprint—that is, it balances carbon emissions with carbon offsets. Trees produce oxygen during their growth cycle. After they’re harvested and turned into flooring, they store carbon within their lifetime, or service life, as a manufactured product.

Wood Has Longevity

Of all the biological materials on earth, wood has the highest resistance to decay, which means that solid hardwood flooring can last for decades—even as long as a century. Since hardwood floors have longevity, the likelihood of you being responsible for chopping down more trees to make replacement flooring for you is slim. Thus, as a consumer, you’re not participating in a supply-and-demand chain that’s hurting the environment by being unsustainable. And hardwood floors can be recycled.

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