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Tips for Buying Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is the foundation on which every good carpet installation succeeds. Without the proper padding, or padding in general, carpets just don’t feel right when walked on and they tend not to last as long as they should. A successful carpet installation depends on the quality of the carpet and of the padding, and how they both work together in harmony. If you pair a subpar carpet padding with a high-quality carpet, or vice versa, the mismatch becomes painfully apparent. Here are some tips to help you when you’re ready to install carpet and carpet padding.

Understand Why Carpet Padding Is Important

It’s true that carpet padding provides a cushion between your feet and a wooden subfloor, which can make walking on carpets enjoyable. However, this is not the main reason. The main purpose of padding is to alleviate the impact carpets endure on a daily basis—that is, they’re shock absorbers. Without padding, carpets can deteriorate quickly from stress and impact.

Invest in Quality Padding

When you’re ready to hire a flooring contractor to install your new carpets, be sure to invest in high quality padding, as well as in high quality carpets. If you’re on a budget, consider postponing plans to install new carpet until you’ve saved up a little more money. It’s better to invest in a higher-end product rather than settling for the most affordable option.

Choose Padding That’s Just Right

Just as Goldilocks chooses the Baby Bear’s bed because it’s “just right,” so should you choose a carpet padding that’s just right for your carpet—one that shouldn’t be too firm or too soft. Padding that’s too firm or thick can be uncomfortable to walk on. Also, thicker padding can raise your new carpet above the point where it won’t be able to hold on to its tack strip. Conversely, padding that’s too soft can bottom out in heavy-traffic situations, and can fail to provide the proper foundation for carpet, thus causing your carpet to prematurely experience wear and tear.

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