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A Look at Different Hardwood Floor Finishes

A wood floor installation can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, offer easy maintenance, and even improve the indoor air quality in your house. There are also a few different finishes to choose from, of which the most popular tend to be wax and surface finishes. Here is a look at different hardwood floor finishes.


If you are interested in a hard protective covering that adds a hint of amber to your home design, you might want to consider a wax finish for your hardwood floor. This type of finish works by soaking into the floor and then hardening; the amount of time that this process takes depends on a number of factors including the condition of the floor and the type of wax finish being used. A wax finish typically will not offer much shine to your hardwood floor, but it will increase its durability.

Surface Finish

When it comes to hardwood floor finishes that don’t require much maintenance, surface finishes tend to be among the best choices. You might choose an oil-based surface finish for a color similar to the amber you get from a wax-based finish, or you might go for an acid-cured finish with similar durability but quicker curing times. Water-based surface finishes are also common because they are strong, quickly curing, and able to resist discoloration. All of these options are resistant to water and on the low-maintenance side.

Looking for Yourself

Different types of hardwood floor finishes will provide different benefits, but you are the only one who can choose the right finish for your floor. Take a look at your flooring, and visit your hardwood floor installation specialist to look at these different types of finishes in person; this will help you make a confident decision.

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