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Caring for Your Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring offers individuals value and durability and can last a lifetime in the home or office. Do you currently have bamboo residential or commercial flooring? If so, then continue reading for some tips on caring for this material.

To prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from scratching the surface of your bamboo floors, vacuum or sweep them regularly. Also, any spills that occur should be cleaned up immediately with a dry mop or towel. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed to help prevent them from damaging the bamboo, and do not slide heavy furniture across the flooring’s surface. Finally, limit the amount of direct sunlight that your bamboo floors receive by installing light filtering or blocking window treatments.

At Bay Carpet, we offer bamboo along with a wide range of other residential and commercial flooring options to suit your needs and budget. If you are thinking about replacing your old floors with bamboo flooring in Glendale, then contact us today by calling (718) 366-5001.


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