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Refinish or Replace: Which Is Right for Your Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to your current wood floor installation, you have a choice between refinishing or replacing the flooring. Refinishing can save your current wood flooring, but you may wish for the clean slate that comes with replacing. Let’s take a quick look at how to determine which is the right course of action for your wood floors.

Gauge the Repairs

Deciding between refinishing or replacing your hardwood floors may depend on the level of repairs your floors need. Minor repairs—such as a couple of damaged planks or stains—can be easily fixed. However, a floor with significant damages could cost you much more than simply replacing it with a hardwood floor installation. Significant damages may include several damaged or rotten planks, structural problems that can only be addressed at the subfloor, and floors that shift and move a lot. If your hardwood floors have any of these problems, then speak with your installers about a new wood floor installation.

Determine Your Budget

Another determining factor in refinishing or replacing your hardwood may come down to the cost. Typically, refinishing wood flooring is going to be less expensive than replacing your entire flooring. Replacing your flooring, either with new wood or a carpet installation, will be more expensive. However, some situations may warrant spending the extra money on a replacement. Your wood floors age, level of damage, and your current décor could all influence whether you choose to replace your hardwood floors.

Establish the Age

Your hardwood floors’ age may influence your plans as well. Antique floors are a valuable commodity in any house, so you may wish to refinish them. However, if these older floors are never going to live up to your standards or match your current décor, then you may wish to replace them.

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