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Spotlight on Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen

Homeowners who want flooring that will never go out of style and can increase the value and elegance of their home often choose wood floor installation. Often thought of as the ultimate flooring material, hardwood can hold its own against stains and spills and can prove itself to be an excellent choice for your kitchen. Continue reading to learn about having hardwood in your kitchen.

Hardwood Floor Facts

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance. However, standing water, direct sunlight, high heels, and pet nails can all damage the boards and should be avoided if you choose to go ahead with wood floor installation. To keep hardwood flooring in great condition, you should sweep or vacuum it regularly, occasionally clean it with a damp mop, and immediately wipe up any spills. Abrasive cleaners and oil-based waxes, sprays, and polishes should not be applied to wood floors.

Hardwood Floor Types

When shopping for wood flooring, you will find options in both solid and engineered hardwood, both of which come with their own benefits. Solid hardwood is elegant, made using a single piece of wood and, because it can be affected by humidity, might not be an ideal choice if your kitchen is subject to frequent spills. Engineered hardwood is made from bonded layers of wood, can stand more humidity than solid hardwood, and is incredibly versatile.

Hardwood Floor Appearance

When selecting hardwood flooring for your kitchen, there are several elements to consider. If you plan to extend the flooring into the adjacent room, then be sure to choose a style that will pair well with the décor of both rooms. Factors that contribute to the aesthetics of wood flooring are the wood species, plank width, texture, finish, and color. With the variety of wood floor options available, you are sure to find a style that you love which suits your kitchen design.

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