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Choosing the Right Wood Species for Floors

Are you thinking about beautifying your home with wood floor installation? If so, then you may be wondering which type to choose. Use this guide to help determine which popular wood species could be right for your floors.


Hardwood flooring made from maple wood is a creamy white color with some darker streaks. The graining found in maple is fine and often indiscernible. Maple is well known for being a harder type of wood, but because it can contain soft patches, it doesn’t always take well to staining. For this reason, it’s often best to buy maple wood flooring prefinished or stained.


Among the softer wood species used for flooring, cherry boasts beautiful colors and graining. Due to its distinct appearance, cherry is a popular choice for hardwood floors, and many homeowners choose to use wider planks in their homes to take better advantage of its appearance. Cherry wood has reddish hues that deepen with age.


Walnut is a lovely wood that features straight graining, and it has coloring that gives it rich, dark brown patterns. From board to board, this wood’s color can range from tan to medium brown. While not as soft as cherry, it isn’t as hard as maple, and it can sometimes show knots and other natural characteristics.


Among the most popular species of wood for flooring is oak. Red oak is known for having moderate color variations ranging from creamy, reddish pinks to different browns, and it has moderate to heavy graining. White oak is a slightly harder wood than red oak, and this allows it to stake stains more evenly. This wood is durable and often features linear graining. The primary difference between red and white oak is that red has pink undertones, while white has golden and gray undertones.

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