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Are Solid Hardwood Floors Right for Your Family?

When you look for a new floor, you will have many options like carpet and solid hardwood. Look at your family’s daily life to determine if a solid wood floor installation is the right choice. Your new wood floor installation will likely depend on if your household is quiet and slow-paced or much busier. Continue reading to see if solid hardwood is right for your family’s floors.

You have a quiet household.

If your household is quiet and does not see a lot of foot traffic, then a solid wood floor installation may be the perfect choice. You can take the time to care for your hardwood flooring correctly, and you can control the amount of damage that might occur. A quiet household may consist of adult children—who can understand how to take care of wood flooring—or low-maintenance pets. Before choosing a hardwood floor installation, though, ensure that you have the time to care for it properly. This will include frequent vacuuming, waxing, and future refinishing.

You have a busy household.

Even with a busy household, you can still choose solid wood flooring. You must be careful, however, that your wood floors do not incur a lot of damage. Hardwood is a strong flooring option, but it can be damaged from heavy foot traffic, heavy furniture movement, and neglect. If your busy household, complete with children and pets, will not respect your new hardwood floors, then consider a different flooring option. Vinyl, laminate and engineered hardwood are low-maintenance choices that have the appearance of wood floors. Cork flooring is an attractive type of wood flooring that will stand up to a lot of damage. You may also prefer ceramic floor tiles if you are looking for an attractive, low-maintenance floor.

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