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Understanding the Janka Scale

The Janka Scale refers to the different hardness levels of various species of hardwood. This scale helps flooring contractors to advise the right wood floor installation for their clients. Based on a hardwood species level of hardness, it may be better or worse for certain households or commercial buildings. Read on for a better understanding of the Janka Scale.

To determine a hardwood’s level on the Janka Scale, the hardness test measures the amount of force needed to bury a small, steel ball into a sample of wood. Once a hardwood’s hardness has been determined, it is listed on the Janka Scale by the measurement of pounds-force, or lbf. For example, Bolivian Cherry has a hardness level of 3,650 lbf, and Red Oak has a hardness of 1,290 lbf. Red Oak is a common hardwood floor installation for residential locations, but Bolivian Cherry would be better for commercial flooring.

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