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Which Finish Is Best for My Hardwood Floor?

The finish you choose for your hardwood floor will impact both how the floor looks and how durable it is. There is no single type of finish that is right for every kind of hardwood flooring. Instead, you have to consider how the room will be used and what you want the final appearance of the flooring to be. Discuss your finish options with your wood floor installation company to get advice on choosing the right one for your hardwood. These tips can also help:

Consider How the Room Will Be Used

The first thing to consider when choosing a finish is how the room where the flooring is being installed will be used. For a low-traffic area, you can choose a high-gloss finish, which makes hardwood look beautiful but also is prone to showing scratches and scuffmarks. For a high-traffic area, a matte finish is a better option. Since it doesn’t reflect as much light as higher glosses, the inevitable minor damage that occurs from heavy foot traffic won’t show nearly as much.

Consider the Moisture Levels

If you’re installing hardwood flooring in a high-moisture room, such as a bathroom or kitchen, then you need a finish that that is resistant to liquids. Moisture-cured polyurethane is an option for flooring in a room with high moisture levels. This finish absorbs moisture from the room as it cures, which creates a protective seal. Wood sealers, which can be made of natural oils or solvents, can also make wood more moisture resistant. For wood sealers, you may also choose to add a wax coating to improve the sheen of the floor.

Consider the Maintenance

Different kinds of finishes require different types of maintenance, including the use of special cleaners. Some finishes also need to be refreshed more often than others. Consider the amount of time and special care you are willing to devote to your hardwood flooring before choosing a finish.

At Bay Carpet, our wood flooring installation team will help you select a finish that matches your home and your lifestyle. Call us today at (718) 366-5001 and begin the process of getting the right hardwood flooring in New York, NY for your home.


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