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Helpful Hints for Healthcare Flooring

Choosing healthcare flooring can be a complex process since so many different factors must be weighed. Commercial flooring for healthcare businesses has to be safe, sterile, slip-resistant, and durable, and different types of healthcare spaces have different needs. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing flooring for a healthcare business.

Make Mobility a Priority

The flooring you choose has to allow for easy mobility for everyone, including people who are in wheelchairs or are using other mobility devices. Hospital beds and other heavy pieces of rolling equipment must also be able to glide over the floor with ease. LVT, vinyl planks, VCT, and vinyl tiles are all good choices for mobility that can also stand up to the pressure different types of mobility devices. Sheet vinyl and rubber flooring can also be ideal for these uses, particularly in in-patient settings where moving hospital beds is most common.

Give Attention to Glare

The floor you choose for a medical setting should have a low level of glare. Glare from the floor can make it difficult for patients to walk, as it can interfere with visibility, which can cause an increase in fall injuries. Staff are also vulnerable to the dangers of walking on floors with high amounts of glare. Further, staff may also experience increased eye fatigue if they spend their days on high-glare flooring, which can interfere with patient care and workplace satisfaction.

Consider the Cleaning Potential

In the healthcare setting, floors must be impeccably clean, and they must be able to be cleaned quickly. No-wax floors that don’t need to be buffed and polished during every cleaning can speed up the process significantly. The floors should be easy to maintain. Sheet vinyl is a good choice for areas that experience a large amount of potential contamination, such as operating suites.

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