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Comparing Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring

If your family has a busy lifestyle, you may find that a new carpet installation may not provide you with the durability and ease of maintenance that you require. Both linoleum and vinyl flooring are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and they will also provide your indoor spaces with terrific style. When you visit a flooring showroom, you may have questions about the relative advantages of linoleum and vinyl floors. Here is a quick comparison of the top differences between that linoleum and vinyl flooring.

Material Composition

One of the primary differences between linoleum and vinyl is the material composition of each product. In order to create linoleum flooring, a flooring manufacturer will combine linseed oil with other natural materials, such as cork dust and resin. In comparison, vinyl is a fully synthetic material that is crafted from PVC and other man-made products.

Ease of Maintenance

Both linoleum and vinyl floors are very easy to clean, but each type of flooring has specific maintenance requirements. When you install new linoleum floors on your property, you will need to sealcoat your flooring against water damage. Since vinyl floors are naturally waterproof, they are typically a bit easier to maintain and repair.

Overall Style

A linoleum floor has a unique appearance that will change throughout the years and seasons. With routine wear and tear, the layers of a linoleum floor will wear down to reveal beautiful colors and patterns. Oftentimes, vinyl floors are crafted to have the appearance of other products, such as hardwood or natural stone. Visiting a flooring showroom can help you get a sense of which flooring option is the best fit for your style.

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