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Exploring the Effects of Finishes on Hardwood Flooring

A new wood floor installation is a terrific upgrade for any home interior. To ensure that your wood floors match the aesthetic appearance of your home, you will want to work with your flooring contractor to choose an appropriate stain. When hardwood floors are treated with finishes, their color, vibrancy, and overall appearance can be greatly enhanced. Let’s examine some effects that finishes can achieve when they are applied to hardwood floors.

Water-Based Finishes

When you are seeking a finish that will allow the natural beauty of your hardwood floor to truly shine through, you may want to talk to your installation professional about your water-based finishing options. A water-based finish will gently coat the surface of the wood and allow wood grains and patterns to show through the stain. If you install exotic hardwoods in your home, you may want to showcase their vibrant colors with a water-based finish.

Oil-Based Finishes

Oil-based finishes are also very popular for many homeowners. Unlike water-based finishes, which preserve the natural wood color, oil-based finishes provide treated wood with a slightly amber appearance. Very deep, richly hued woods, such as walnut, are the perfect candidates for an oil-based finish application.

Hand-Rubbed Finishes

Rustic wood floors are a top interior design trend this year. In order to provide your floors with that natural look and feel, you can consider a hand-rubbed finish. Due to the unique appearance of a hand-rubbed finish, this finishing option will make your wood floors appear as though they have been reclaimed or repurposed.

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