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What You Need to Know About Choosing Marine Carpet

Do you own a boat and plan to install or replace its carpeting? If so, then the type of carpet you select can be critical to your flooring investment’s lifespan and performance. To prepare for marine carpet installation, continue reading to learn a few important facts about this flooring material.

Marine carpet is unique.

If you’ve been looking at a wide range of carpet varieties for your renovation project, then it’s important to realize that not all options are suited to life on the water. Marine carpet is designed to hold up to the elements better than traditional carpet, as well as reduce the chances of fungal and bacterial growth that can be caused by the humid and wet conditions it must endure. Also, safety and hygiene are factors to consider, which is why most marine carpet has a short pile. Furthermore, marine carpet has a flexible backing that allows it to conform to the many curves that boats tend to feature.

Marine carpet is economical.

If you’re uncertain about investing in marine carpet installation, then know that this upgrade is one of the most cost-effective ways of giving your boat a facelift. The fact that you’re considering flooring replacement in the first place is a good indicator that when it comes to comfort, function, and appearance, your boat may have a lot to gain from new carpet installation.

Marine carpet is versatile.

When considering your options for new carpet, keep in mind that your new flooring should offer comfort and provide a feeling of hominess, rather than just offer function. Try to create a sense of residential ambiance by considering piles and colors that you’d enjoy in your home. Finally, do factor in other elements of your boat’s build and décor when choosing your new marine carpet.

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