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Choosing a Mat for Your Business

Mats are an essential addition to businesses, whether they have a carpet installation or wood flooring. Your business can utilize a high-quality mat in high-traffic areas, loud areas, and stain-prone areas. Continue reading to get a better look at the right type of mat for your business.

There are several colors, designs, and customizations available for your business’floor mat. If you are seeking a neutral color, then choose a Cocoa Mat, Berkshire, or Decorib in a neutral color of your choosing. You can also customize your business’ mat with a logo or special design. Precision Inlay Logo mats come in several colors from white to teal to charcoal. You may also choose Design Print mats, which come in even more colors to match your business’ colors.

Learn more about mats from your flooring contractor near New York, NY by calling Bay Carpet at (718) 366-5001. Our experts can visit your store with samples and help you choose the best mat and flooring installation for your needs. Please call us to learn more about our inexpensive, high-quality commercial flooring options.


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