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How Should You Prepare for Your Hardwood Flooring Installation?

Preparing for your wood floor installation should not be stressful, and it will be a helpful step in completing your flooring renovations in New York City. Moving furniture and sealing off different rooms in your house can save you and your installers a lot of time and effort during the installation process. Let’s take a look at easy ways to prepare for your wood floor installation.

Move Furniture

The entire installation process will go much quicker and smoother if you have removed all furniture from the area. If you are flooring your entire house, then this may be difficult. However, you can gather as much furniture into one area that will be floored last. When your installers reach that area, then you can move furniture back to its previous location. Remove delicate décor on the walls as well. The installers may use hammers to nail in the wood flooring, and this may cause damage to paintings or hanging photographs.

Remove Current Flooring

If possible, remove all of the current flooring in the room where you want new wood floors. Be careful when you do pull up the carpeting or old wood flooring. There may be flooring nails along the edges, and dust is likely to get into the air. Ask your installers where you can dispose of or recycle the old flooring. Preparing your floors as much as possible prior to the installers’ arrival will help the entire process move quickly.

Seal Off Rooms

There is likely to be a lot of dust involved in a hardwood floor installation. Whether the wood is prefinished or unfinished, wood dust can be found almost everywhere that has not been sealed off. Go throughout your home and close all doors to rooms that will not be floored. Tape up or cover the cracks in the doors to keep out as much dust as possible,

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