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How to Choose Carpeting for Your Commercial Space

Carpet installation can be a useful procedure for a variety of areas around your commercial building. Whether you own or operate an office building, hotel, or other commercial business, you may want to carefully consider the advantages that new carpets will provide to your company. With fresh new carpets, you can make sure that your indoor areas are clean and appealing. Read on for some handy tips that will help you choose carpeting for your commercial space.

Think About Foot Traffic

An office or other commercial environment will typically receive much more foot traffic than a residential home. When you are choosing new carpets for your commercial space, you will need to think carefully about the typical foot traffic that occurs in each area of your office. The best carpeting choice will provide exceptional durability in high traffic areas.

Consider Pile Density

Pile density is another important factor to consider when you are shopping for new carpets for your commercial space. Pile is a term that is used to describe the amount of yarn that is used to weave the fabric of a carpet. A commercial carpet needs to have a high pile density in order to stand up to a demanding office environment.

Evaluate Color and Style

While there are many practical considerations to take into account when you are shopping for commercial carpets, you will also need to make sure that your flooring also complements the overall style of your commercial building. Carpeting in shades of neutral gray or beige will pair nicely with many commercial interior design schemes.

To start on a new commercial carpet installation serving New York, NY, contact Bay Carpet by calling (718) 366-5001. Our qualified carpet installers will make sure that your new commercial carpets are perfectly suited for your office environment, and we can help you with every step of your commercial flooring installation. We look forward to helping you update your commercial carpeting with new materials that are beautiful, affordable, and incredibly durable.


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